Derian's Rejected Recipe for the Stars Cookbook


You need:

Peanut butter
Marshmallow Fluff

First, have Jamie take off all his clothes and bend over so that his adorable buttcheeks face you.

Then apply peanut butter on his backside. You can spoon a little into his crevice, or spread it all over his cheeks, according to the size of your appetite. (But NEVER use a knife, even a butter knife or a plastic one. It might cut Jamie's sensitive skin!)

A cake decorating bag may also be a good tool (tool! hehhehheh) to get the peanut butter deep into that tiny space.

When you are finished applying the peanut butter, cover it completely with Marshmallow Fluff.

Then get your face into Jamie's butt (or ask him to sit on your face) and enjoy!

You can also inject the peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff into Jamie's behind. That is called a Langenfluffernutterstuffer. (But make sure that Jamie's butt is not stuffed with something else first!)