A Gift From The Cosmos



Derian pressed the “end” button on his cell phone and leaned back against the driver’s side door of his new F-350.

The nearest tow truck company in the nearest town, forty miles away, had closed at eight

p.m. Two hours ago.

“What’s the deal, Der?”

Jamie came up next to Derian.

“Can’t call a truck until tomorrow morning. We’re stuck out here all night.” Derian kicked the parched earth with one thickly booted foot. “So much for having AAA, when you can’t get a tow truck when you need it. For that matter, so much for having a brand-new F-350, when the fucking water pump breaks down once you take it out of Texas!”

They had pulled off a side road on the way to Laughlin, Nevada, stopped so they could look up and see what the sky really looked like at night...and they had been rewarded with a treasure chest of stars, sparkling like diamonds against black velvet. Jamie had even seen the Big and Little Dippers for the very first time.

They also took this opportunity for a nice alfresco pee. Derian would rather relieve himself in the clean desert than take his chances in some godawful rest-stop toilet.

But now, the cool waters of Laughlin would have to wait.

“God-damn!” Derian pounded both hands against his truck, and the sound was very near the decibel of an explosion.

“Easy, Der.” As usual, Jamie used gentle calm to defuse Derian’s temper. “This isn’t a disaster. Remember, you have a camper shell over the bed, and an air mattress inside.”

That was true. Derian didn’t expect to take advantage of it this soon, however.

“And we won’t starve, or die of thirst.” Jamie had thoughtfully replenished the cooler on their last gas station stop, buying four large water bottles, beef jerky, corn chips, and pretzels.

“Yeah. But still...we’re going to miss one full night in Laughlin.” Derian looked down at his cell phone. “Guess I’d better break the bad news to the others.”

“I’ll bet Ed is still on the river.” Jamie grinned, knowing Ed’s predilection for water.

“Or pissing in it.”

* * *

By the light of an electric lantern, Derian covered the now-pumped-up mattress with a plain white sheet.

“Hey, I knew a civilized man was lurking deep inside you, Der.” Jamie chewed on a piece of beef jerky.

Derian cracked a smile, but did not laugh. He had long ago become immune to Neanderthal jokes. But if he had a nickel...

He pushed the mattress into the back of the truck.

“Hey, Jamie, get the pillows and the blanket. It’s just about ready here.”

Jamie opened the back seat door, picked up two pillows and a blue-and-green plaid blanket, and paused.

“What’s this?”

Derian moved next to him. “What’s this?”, when spoken in the middle of nowhere, could have many meanings. Not all of them good.

A package wrapped in brown paper and decorated with a gold string sat on the passenger seat. The string held a slip of rice paper on which these words were written in gold ink:

To Derian & Jamie...A Gift From The Cosmos

“A gift from the cosmos?” Jamie reached for the package, but Derian stopped his hand.

“You don’t know what that is. It could be a bomb, as far as we know.”

“Bomb? Only people plant bombs, and we haven’t seen another soul since we stopped. This is definitely an angel gift.”

Jamie untied the string and carefully tore open the fragile paper.

“Well, lookie here.” Jamie peeled away the paper, revealing a white knitted blanket. He lifted it up to his chin and stroked it. “Wow, it’s so soft, Derian.” His hands petted the blanket as if it were a woman he was trying to seduce. “And it glitters. It looks like millions of tiny stars are taking a nap on it...”

“That’s nice.” Derian couldn’t care less about the softness or the glitterality of blankets. All he asked of a blanket is that it did what it was supposed to do -- keep him warm.

“Thank you, cosmos. I’m going to use this blanket tonight.” Jamie turned to Derian. “The gift is for both of us, Der. You can use it, too.”

“No, thanks.” Derian wrinkled his nose. He was not the kind of person who slept under white, fluffy blankets.

Jamie tossed the pillow and the plaid blanket in the truck bed, then came around to the back of the truck, still holding on to the “gift from the cosmos”. He sat down on the bumper and took off his shoes and jeans. Derian, standing up, did the same. The men tossed their discarded clothes into the back and crawled into the back. Derian closed the back door behind them.

“Ahhh.” Jamie slipped into the glimmering blanket. “Wow, this blanket’s so soft. Like it was knitted out of kittens’ fur.” He brought the edge of the blanket to his nose and inhaled. “And man, does it smell good. Like vanilla and chocolate and strawberry all at once.”

Neopolitan ice cream was not Derian’s favorite. But the new blanket smelled better than his blue-and-green plaid one, no doubt. At best, it smelled like Tide and Cling Free. At worst...well, the byproducts of hard hiking and baked beans hung around for a long, long time.

But he had carried this blanket in the back of his vehicles almost as long as he’d had a driver’s license. And whatever anyone could say about Derian, no one could doubt that he was loyal.

The starry blanket, so white that it seemed to glow, was a perfect match for Jamie’s porcelain skin. When Jamie pulled the blanket up to his chin, he looked just like an angel. A baby angel.

Derian, knowing full well he was neither, pulled his blanket up to his pectorals and leaned back against his pillow. He sighed in relief when the mattress supported both his weight and Jamie’s. Truth be told, this was the first time two men had slept upon it.

“Good night, Jamie,” he said.

“Good night, Derian,” replied Jamie.

And then, all was silence and moonglow.



Derian grimaced. He hoped Jamie wasn’t in a chattering mood, like a little kid who couldn’t sleep.

“What, Jamie?”

“C’mon, get under this blanket. It’s really incredible.” Jamie lifted up one edge of the blanket so that Derian could crawl in. “So soft and light, yet it keeps you toasty warm. It’s like sleeping under magic...”

Derian opened his mouth to say no, but paused. Jamie had been rhapsodizing about this “gift from the cosmos” ever since he laid hands on it. Perhaps the only way to make him stop talking was to give in and get under that damn blanket.

He pushed the plaid blanket off his body and took hold of the side of the white blanket that Jamie offered.

He gasped out loud. Frequent washings had made his plaid blanket nearly as soft as cashmere. But compared to this new blanket, it was like sandpaper.

Derian arced the blanket over his body and let it fall to his skin. The seemingly fragile material was an amazing defense against the merciless desert cold. As soon as his body was covered with the blanket, he was enveloped in a generous, soul-stirring warmth that pleased him right down to his boot-roughened toes.

It’s almost like being back in the womb, he thought. Man, it’s gonna be hard for me to get out of it come morning...

“That wasn’t a bad idea, Jamie,” he admitted. “Thanks.”

“You’re very welcome, Der.”

“Good night, Jamie.”

“Good night, Derian.”

Derian sank his head into the pillow. He no longer had to worry about staying warm, to Jamie chattering. Now he could go to sleep.

* * *


What the hell was going on?

His mind told him he was lying in the back of his truck on an inflatable mattress with one of his teammates.

His cock, however, was acting as if it were in a posh hotel room, awaiting the touch of a beautiful woman...

Derian shoved his hand into his brief.

It was hard.

Like diamond.

God, what he could do now? Even if he knew where the Mustang Ranch was, his truck wasn’t going to take him there. He didn’t feel right about pulling his chain next to Jamie...or on the magical gift blanket.

Derian rolled over to his left...and Jamie pushed up against him, pressing his ass to Derian’s crotch like just like a sassy puckbunny would.

He instinctively moved back, every square inch of his body screaming in protest at this blatantly sexual gesture -- by a person with a cock. But Jamie’s butt acted like a hungry newborn greedy for contact with a milk-full teat -- and the “teat” was the tip of Derian’s penis. He snuggled his butt-globes harder against Derian.

What the fuck are you doing, Jamie? You’re provoking me, man...and dammit, I like it.


Jamie spoke out loud.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

“My butt feels funny.”

It feels wonderful against my cock.

“It almost feels itchy, but not quite...I want to rub it against something.”

“Or someone?”


Jamie reached down and tugged his underpants off. Derian felt tender butt-flesh against his fingers...which had minds of their own, magnetized to the snug center.

Derian couldn’t believe his fingers. Jamie’s asshole was wet...the way a woman would be wet when her body prepared for the deep penetration of a well-endowed, fully erect male.

Derian reached down with his other hand and touched himself...his scrotum felt taut now, his testicles heavy with sperm itching to burst free. His entire body, in fact, was permeated with the urge to pounce upon Jamie, to strip him naked, to plunge into his heat...

Christ, I can’t believe I want to fuck the one I’m with...but I do.

His fingers reached under Jamie’s T-shirt and skimmed the sides of Jamie’s torso and hips, delighting in the smooth velvety skin, the plump pectorals, the arch of the back and the curve of the buttocks.

Almost like a woman, he thought, not out loud of course. But even the hair on Jamie’s forearms and thighs was girlishly soft, silken strands hovering above creamy flesh.

Now he pressed against Jamie, his erection nestling inside Jamie’s snug little crack. Jamie let out a little moan.

“My butt is hungry,” he gasped. “It wants to be filled up...it wants to be filled up with you, Derian.”

Derian could think of no one else better suited for that task.

“I’m going to do exactly that, Jamie.”

Derian grasped his erection by its base, as thick and supportive as a tree trunk. He pushed his hips forward, nestling his cockhead against Jamie’s bottom opening, getting his rounded tip wet with those mysterious and delightful secretions.

Jamie pressed his buttocks against Derian so hard that his anus consumed the cockhead.

“Push it in,” he begged. “Do it, Derian. Now!”

Derian grasped hold of Jamie’s hips and shoved every hard inch of himself inside.

Oh, God... his mind cried. Ecstasy...heat...

And then, he could do nothing more but begin the dance. The horizontal dance that almost all men were good at. The dance that, before this night, he had only done with female partners.

Not with another man. Not with a teammate. Not inside a sheath so achingly tight.

“I never knew it could feel so good in there,” gasped Jamie. “When you stroke the inside of my butt...it’s heaven. Sheer heaven.”

“I can’t even think of a word for what I feel now.” But whatever this feeling was called, Derian was going to take all that he could of it.

The blanket from the cosmos seemed to close in around the two men, cuddling them as if to bless them. But neither Derian nor Jamie could think of their snowy-white companion at this moment.

Just each other. Nothing but each other.

Orgasm came like a hurricane, crashing down on both men at once. Anal stimulation itself -- with a bare assist from Derian’s strumming fingertips -- got Jamie spurting and groaning. That tightened his lower passage, pulling Derian into the vortex with him...and the starry, starry blanket was with them all the way, witnessing silently...but joyously.

And then they came down, down, down...back to earth, but not to their old selves.

Derian turned Jamie around...turquoise eyes found Oreo eyes sparkling in the night...and then, the men kissed for the very first time.

The blanket was not the only gift the cosmos had granted that night.