***Welcome to Stars Chat***
In the room:

Cup4Dallas: Dang, was that an awesome game last night. We sailed past Colorado, 6-1.
IHateTheAvs: Avs SUCK!
Cup4Dallas: We were firing on all cylinders. Mo, Mini-Mo, Lehts...shit, Jamie had two.
StarsGoddess: Easy on the S word there.
Cup4Dallas: Which one - suck or shit?
StarsGoddess: The more vulgar one.
Number9Luvva: mo looks so hott when hes sittin on the bench all sweaty
Cup4Dallas: Back to the topic, Jamie sure showed his ba- ahem, b*lls tonight.

Derian chuckled and reached for the keyboard.

IHateTheAvs: Roy has no b*lls
HostTom: ***BigDaddyD has entered the chat room***
Cup4Dallas: Jamie can have b*lls when he wants to
BigDaddyD: Jamie’s *always* had b*lls, my man. Big b*lls. Nice, tasty b*lls.
StarsGoddess: What??????
BigDaddyD: Yup, I like to put them in my mouth, wrap my tongue around them and suck the sweat off
Number9Luvva: ewwwwww
IHateTheAvs: Always remember to flush the toilet. We want the Avs to starve to death!
StarsGoddess: I don’t want to even *think* about Jamie having sex with another man.
BigDaddyD: I think about that all the time, SG.
BigDaddyD: Not only sucking his b*lls, but licking his *ss, flicking his d*ck and pumping his hot, tight hole til I come.

In another room of the house, Jamie watched this conversation with great interest.

"Hmmm...telling tales out of school, Big Daddy D?"

StarsGoddess: Host!
Number9Luvva: dont talk about jamie talk about mo hes the sexiest
BigDaddyD: Jamie *invented* the word sex. Compared to him, Mo is Woody Allen.
Number9Luvva: whos woody allen
HostTom: ***OreoEyes has entered the chat room***
StarsGoddess: HostTom, are you going to police this chat room or not? Are you even paying attention???
OreoEyes: Speaking of b*lls, I know a man who has b*lls for days...
BigDaddyD: No. Please don’t be who I think you are.
OreoEyes: Well, *Derian* is truly the God of B*lls.
IHateTheAvs: Avs suck *ss like they was slurping Yoo-Hoo!
OreoEyes: I can just see them now...nestled against those thick, muscled thighs...stuffed into that coconut-sized, golden-haired scro...
BigDaddyD: You’re skating on thin ice, man...
Cup4Dallas: What does this have to do with hockey? You queers are in the wrong chat room
OreoEyes: I like to watch them as we f*ck...I love to watch them pulsate as he fills my *ss with come...
BigDaddyD: (((((((((JAMIE!!!)))))))))
Number9Luvva: mansex is gross!
HostTom: What seems to be the matter here?
BigDaddyD: You’re going to get it tonight, Jamie-baby.
OreoEyes: Oh, I know, I know
StarsGoddess: Two men pretending to be Derian and Jamie are doing cybersex in this room. That’s *not* what it’s here for!
IHateTheAvs: It’s here for talking about why the Avs SUCK!
HostTom: Uh...I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you two new guys to leave if you insist on chatting that way.
HostTom: This is a forum to discuss the Dallas Stars.
OreoEyes: But we are. :)
HostTom: *On* the ice.
BigDaddyD: Aw, let’s blow this crappy joint, OreoEyes.
OreoEyes: I’ve got a tight little A that‘s just *starving* for a big, fat D.
IHateTheAvs: The letter A sucks! cause it starts the word Avalanche!
HostTom: Gentlemen...
BigDaddyD: Okay, okay, we’re going. Because we know that real sex is better than cyber any time.
OreoEyes: does a body good. You should try it sometime.
***OreoEyes has left the chat room***
***BigDaddyD has left the chat room***
Cup4Dallas: don’t suppose...those guys were *really*...
StarsGoddess: I highly doubt it. Jamie and Derian would never...I mean never...
IHateTheAvs: But the f*ckin’ AVS would!!!
Number 9Luvva: mo rules 4-ever