Questions You May Be Thinking

1. Can we still submit stories about Jamie?

Absolutely! As far as I'm concerned, once a Star, always a Star. Why should reality interfere with fanfic?

2. Are Derian and Jamie gay in these stories?

First off, let us make it clear (as in CRYSTAL) that "Derian" and "Jamie" refer to characters who may be found in stories on SSN, not to anyone who is made of flesh and blood!

No, they are not gay. They are men who care deeply for each other, and sometimes make love. "Gay" is such a politically loaded word, and this is not a political site. ("Starry, Starry Nights" is for entertainment purposes only.) Besides, that word sounds But I digress.

3. Why are Derian and Jamie together? Shouldn't Derian be with Matty, and Jamie be with Joe?

They are MY two favorite Stars. And I think they look good together (close your eyes and think of them side by side. Real close. Yes. Now you get it.) However, I am open to having other views on this site (see the "Guidelines" section.)

4. How come there aren't more Mo stories?

Because I, personally, have no MO-jo. If you want to see more Mo stories on SSN, you have to write them yourself and send them to the website! (See the "Guidelines" page for MO-re info.)

5. Aren't you afraid of making certain people angry? (As in getting-ready-to-sue-your-butt angry?)

No. This is a site for and by Stars fans. If anyone in the organization doesn't like it, that's not my problem. And this is satire, which is constitutionally protected. (Just ask the good folks at Mad magazine.)

6. Who are Chris and Al? Who are the Groin Boys?

Join the Hockey-Dreams mailing list to find out.

7. If you put peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff on any other part of Jamie's body besides his butt, is it still a Langenfluffernutter?

Well...I suppose. But it wouldn't be quite as "fluffy!"

8. Why?

Why not?