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Official Site

For the trufax.

Unofficial Dallas Stars Message Board

Smart talk. No bull.


Because we all have a little puckbunny in us.

Hockey Hotties

The best way to describe this board would NHL gossip. Great stories...some of which may even be true!

The Valley of the Goons

My other fanfic website.

Here are links to stories that do not fit the SSN guidelines for one reason or another, but which are still good reads:

"Stars Win!"

Not the guy I would pair Jamie with, but itís a nice same-sex romp just the same. (But what happened to the proposed sequel?)

And here are links to other hockey fan fiction sites:

Stargazer's Fan Fiction

At last...ANOTHER Stars fanfic site! And better yet, there's a J&D story in it, too: "I Guess You Get Used To Somebody". Thanks, Christy!)

Alex's Site

The other Hockey-Dreams moderator's site.

Jeni's Fan Fiction

Red Wings fic for those who like them!

Red Hot Lovin'

And even more Wings fic...mmmm, tasty! (Especially with celery sticks!)

James' Site (no, it's not Jamie)

Hockey slash from a male point of view.

Two Points For Honesty

Flannery and Maria's site.

Frala's Site

Notes From the Pages of Madness and Misery

I recommend that you visit all of these fine sites and let these writers know that hockey fan fiction is the BEST part of the Web!