Guidelines ('cause you want to know!)

"Them", "they", and "their" refers to characters based on Stars.

1. Do not show them getting killed, unless it's a "fake" or dream death or they are brought back to life by story's end.

2. Do not have them doing things that are evil (i.e., rape, killing except in self-defense, torturing small animals, being abusive to those smaller and weaker, etc.) Note: Same-sex lovemaking is NOT evil!

3. Do not refer to family members (i.e., wives, girlfriends, fiancées, children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc.) by name. They are not public figures. The exception would be if a family member was or is playing in the NHL.

4. All sorts of fiction are acceptable: stories, poems, songs, plays. If a piece is extremely long, it may be a good idea to break it up into chapters.

5. All ranges of fiction are acceptable, from general audiences to adult content.

6. I do NOT accept anti-Stars fic. Start your own damn site if that's your bag.

7. Nor will I accept a story that does not have at least 50% Stars content.

8. I reserve the right to reject any story if I feel that it does not belong on SSN. But I will let you know why.

9. Mail all submissions directly to me at You can send them in HTML format, in an attachment or in the mail message itself. I can transfer anything to HTML.