It's never been done before...but somebody had to do it.

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And when I say 0% TRUTH, I mean 100% FICTION.

Every story you read on this webpage is FALSE. If you recognize the names, you already know this.

Welcome to my alternate universe...where the unlikely becomes possible.

This is a site devoted to Stars...not those gas masses in the sky or those people you see projected on the screen, but tough and talented men in green and black...

Love and Sex...those intimate moments between the games.

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A Message from KitKat...June 8, 2003

How long have you waited for this site to be updated? Nine months, you say? Well, that is exactly how long it took!

In that amount of time, almost an entire hockey season has been played. One more game is left, tomorrow's Game 7 between the Devils (Jamie!!!) and the Ducks (who beat the Stars...poor Derian!)

Plus, I have moved into a new apartment (believe me when I tell you that moving is W-O-R-K) and have had major changes in the editing program of my webhosting service. It's even easier now, but it took time for me to learn how to edit!

But now that I've got the editing down to a science, I've added new stories (some of which I had been working on for months)and new links (thanks to the good folks at Hockey-Dreams)

Unfortunately, I needed to remove the link to "Temporary Insanity" because stopped accepting and allowing stories about real people. If the author is reading this, please send me the story so I can re-link it. Thanks.

Ratings System for Starry, Starry Nights: S is for Slash, which indicates male-on-male intimacy. (Hmmm...I see so many Sís up there, it looks like a snake pit.) And G doesnít mean what it means at the stands for Grossness. Because sometimes, poop happens, and even Stars have to deal with it. (I can write curse words in my stories, but not on the homepage. Go figure.)

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